Administrative Work

Over a decade of experience managing multiple emails for personal and business. Currently managing 20 email accounts (3 personal, 12 business, 7 community) in Google ecosystem.

Few years of data entry and email support experience.

Can type between 75-95 wpm with a high accuracy rating. Check my KeyHero profile for stats.

Proper use of grammar and spelling on the regular.

Common Sense

Honesty is #1 policy. Think before you speak. Don’t lie, cheat, or steal. You know, the common sense that isn’t so “common”? Yeah I’ve got that.

We all slip since we’re human but it’s always worth striving for perfection.

Be empathetic, be positive, be productive, be professional.


Successfully networked, communicated, and partnered with major companies to work alongside or sponsor AZHP Gaming including “Eightarc”, “Microsoft Store”, “Nos Energy”, “Paradise Arcade Shop”, and many, many others.

Communicated with convention and event directors and venue owners to organize and schedule programming for hundreds of events with AZHP Gaming from 2006-current.

Been a pillar of the local video gaming communities in Arizona for over a decade.

Networked thousands of casual and competitive video gamers with their local video game communities using online marketing and promotion, websites with information, flyer distribution, and word of mouth.

Many local AZ competitive community groups I act as an administrator to help moderate and inform when needed. Other times I built online communication options for various competitive video game scenes that didn’t already exist to help build/inform/network including websites, Twitter accounts, Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, and Discord servers for the Arizona Call of Duty Community, Arizona Madden Community and many others.


-Arcade and arcade stick artwork (originals, recreations, and collaborations). Check my DeviantArt profile for examples.

-All logos, banners, stream graphics, social media graphics, event graphics, promo graphics, video thumbnails, clothing graphics, etc for AZHP Gaming from 2006-current

Have used Adobe Illustrator for a few years and Adobe Photoshop for 15 years using skills self taught and taught from online video tutorials.

Here’s a few YouTube videos that give an example of my experience with Photoshop:

Video 1 – Time Lapse creating control panel overlay and marquee for an arcade cabinet with inspiration from classic Japanese Sega “candy cab” designs

Video 2 – Highlights of a live stream working on various basic projects including wallpapers, a custom trading card, and an arcade stick overlay

Hardware Technology Assembly/Modification

Over a decade of soldering and wiring PCBs and buttons for hundreds of arcade machines and arcade sticks. (aka “Modding”)

Prominent member in the arcade/arcade stick tech scene who’s helped test hardware, create tutorials, and archive data/knowledge for the community in both text formats and video formats.

Been a panelist and modding support at over 10 events and tournaments from local anime conventions to EVO.

Won award from the largest fighting game tournament organizer in the world (whom runs EVO Championship Series) for “Shoryuken 2014 Tech Talk Modder of the Year”

Recently been getting into modding mechanical keyboards for personal and business reasons.

Built hundreds of PCs from scratch from 1995 to current for personal and business reasons. Can easily play tech support for a majority of hardware and software issues.

Here’s a few YouTube videos that give an example of my experience with being an electronics tech and wiring:

Video 1 – Creating a low profile video input testing station with HDMI and composite inputs using an Ikea shelf and an input selector:

Video 2 – Tutorial modding a mechanical keyboard rewired with a multi-console PCB for competitive tournament use:

Photography & Photo Editing

12 years experience of event photography with AZHP Gaming using varous tech including phones, point & shoots, and DLSRs with various lenses, accessories, backdrops, and lighting.

15 years of experience using Adobe Photoshop for photo adjustments. Recently started learning Adobe Lightroom.


13 years managing volunteers at over 200 events with AZHP Gaming, many years being a lead in the restaurant industry, and a year being a manager at a restaurant.

Completed manager training on how to manage and communicate with various personality types and has taken a diversity training class.

Created and maintained schedules for co-workers & volunteers and helped motivate and delegate them towards accomplishing temporary & long term goals.

My implemented team based “tiered staff” with AZHP Gaming put me in a teaching role which helps develop hands on skills & experience to young staff members giving them knowledge that serves them nicely in the working world later in life.

Managed individual sponsored players and sponsored teams including setting up contracts, equipment distribution, expectations/ROI, and follow up with progress reports.


My years with AZHP Gaming and 13 years in the restaurant industry has helped me hone sales skills for goods and services I provide for consumers.

Quality, value, and presentation are priorities for anything I sell.

I will not sell anything I don’t believe in.

Social Media Management

Have run social media for personal, business, and community purposes for 15 years including Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube/Twitch and various less popular social media and content sites some of which are now defunct.

Current manager/admin/creator of:

Facebook – 1 personal, 2 business pages, 15+ community groups

Twitter – 1 personal, 1 business, 7 communities

Instagram – 1 personal, 1 business, 7 communities

Twitch – 1 personal, 1 business

YouTube – 1 personal, 2 business

and others (Snapchat, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MySpace etc)

Minor experience with Google AdWords and Google AdSense. Currently experimenting with both to improve SEO skills beyond existing experience.

Can easily set up and manage a website and social media plan utilizing any current popular social media sources to drive interest and awareness. Can integrate social media promotion with in person promotion events.

Time Management

Has been successfully imeblocking/timeboxing for 2 years and utilizing Google ecosystem to help manage time using Google Calendar, Google Drive/Docs, and Google Keep.


12 years experience of event videography with AZHP Gaming using various tech including phones, camcorders, point & shoots, webcams, and DLSRs with various lenses, accessories, backdrops, and lighting.

Has been capturing event and tournament video game footage since 2007 using everything from old hardware like VCRs and DVD recorders to new hardware like external and internal capture cards.

Has utilized various capture card software and additional plugins/addons for Elgato, NVidia, XSplit, OBS, OBSLive, Streamlabs OBS and others.

Has set up camera and capture hardware and recorded video footage for many complicated projects such as 5760×1080 (triple monitor) video game footage, and productions using various video sources combined for a single project.

Video Editing

Since 2007 I’ve spent thousands of hours of video editing originally using Vegas and now 4+ years of Adobe Premiere and at least a few hundred of hours watching tips and tutorials from skilled content creators.

Edited with resolutions varying from 360p to 1080p, 1080p240fps, 4k30fps, and 5760×1080.

Uploaded over 800 edited videos to YouTube spanning 3 channels since 2007 including convention panels, video game commentaries, video game tournaments, comedy shorts, reviews, vlogs, and tech project tutorials

Currently learning Adobe Aftereffects to expand quality.

Here’s a few YouTube videos that give an example of my experience with video editing and production:

Video 1 – Varmilo mechanical keyboard review where I was head editor and head producer:

Video 2 – Rosewill mechanical keyboard review:

Web Management

12 years of experience with buying and managing domains and webspace from GoDaddy and other web service providers. Have been creating databases, installing content management systems, setting up FTP for multiple users on multiple directories, and utilizing, editing, and modding templates, themes, and addons.


Has a passion for journalism but passed up the path to higher education and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism to further expand AZHP Gaming.

Has written scripts for video production content for AZHP Gaming including scripts for a comedy series and detailed tech project reviews.